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What We Offer :

DHR E-Data serves efficient and effective storage of information constitutes the basis of a modern enterprise.

  • receipt and preparation for scanning of large amounts of paper records
  • scanning of current documents within the framework of corporate document flow
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - automatic capturing of data from forms, reading of hand written text and bar codes,
  • Safe Electronic Library – 24h access to the scanned documents, all year round.

In order to ensure maximum security for the scanned documents, we execute orders in our modern Service Center. Each stage of the scanning and digitization process is accomplished in compliance with security procedures and the personal data protection act. Our qualifications and authorizations to process data (including personal information) are confirmed by certificates and positive audit results. The entire automation process guarantees the security of the processed data and correspondence

Document digitization and scanning :
  • Preparing the documents for scanning
  • Scanning
  • Processing the scanned files
  • Generating final digitized images
  • Saving images in the Safe Electronic Library
  • Making the documents available
Benefits :

Scanning & Digitization services offer the best in terms of resources, processes, and people:

  • Significant cost reduction - elimination of warehouse space necessary for document storing.
  • Efficient use of information contained in the stored documents - quick and effective finding of documents according to established criteria.
  • 24 hours access to stored data without time or place limits, all year round.
  • Increased security of stored data - document scanning allows the archiving and recovery of data at any time.